Benefits of Frenectomy Treatment

Benefits of Frenectomy Treatment Photo

Does your infant or child have a tongue tie?

Many infants are born with a tongue tie which is a fibrous band of tissue (frenum) attaching the tongue to the floor of the mouth. This fibrous attachment can make latching difficult when feeding. We can perform a simple procedure to help allow better latching, called a lingual frenectomy. We use a specialized laser that is able remove the tissue within seconds with very little discomfort. Some children have difficulty with speech and performing certain sounds with their tongue. By releasing the tension under their tongue, they will gain new movement that allows them to perfect their pronunciation.


Frenectomy Treatment



Are there other areas of the mouth that a frenectomy could be performed?

There are additional reasons that a frenectomy may be performed. Your dentist or orthodontist may refer you to our office for treatment if there is a space between your teeth that needs a little bit of help closing all the way. Additionally, they may refer you to our office if your frenum is causing gum loss (recession). If you have any questions about frenectomy treatment, give our office a call!