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gum Grafting

Laser Periodontal Surgery

Dental Implants

Gum Grafting

Connective Tissue Graft

Free Gingival Graft

Chao Pinhole Technique™

Dental Implants

Single implant - posterior

Single implant - anterior


Fixed Hybrid dentures

Caring for a hybrid denture

Bar Retained overdenture

Locator retained overdenture

Implant vs. bridge

Bone Graft + Immediate implant

Caring for a Dental Implant

Sinus Lift


Laser Periodontal Surgery

During LANAP treatment, the PerioLase MVP-7 dental laser is used instead of a scalpel. The laser fiber is inserted between the gum and tooth, without cutting the gums. The laser light energy targets the source of the inflammation without hurting or removing any healthy gum tissue. This helps to slow or stop attachment loss and decrease pocket depth, and allowing the body to recover from the chronic infection without the need for scalpel or sutures. The gums are not cut to reduce pocket depth. The tops of your teeth (biting surface) are adjusted to keep from hitting your other teeth.

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