Tooth Extractions

Posted on February 5, 2019

What are tooth extractions and why would you need one?

What is an extraction?

An extraction is the removal of a tooth. Extractions occur when there are no other treatment options.

What is a holistic extraction?

A holistic extraction differs from a regular extraction in the sense that we remove all of the periodontal ligaments and thoroughly clean the area. Ridding the infection will ensure that you have an easier healing process.

Reasons for Extractions

  • Irreparable Damage due to trauma
  • Excessive decay or infection
  • A fractured (or cracked) root

What should I expect during the extraction?

Before the treatment begins, Dr. Thanik will skillfully numb the area and ensure that you are comfortable. After the tooth is removed, Dr. Thanik ensures that the area is thoroughly cleaned and rid of any periodontal ligaments. This helps the jaw bone to heal and avoids cavitations.



What should I expect following an extraction?

You should stick to a soft food diet for about two weeks following your treatment. Don't worry - soft foods does not mean liquids only! You're still free to enjoy things such as oatmeal, quinoa, rice, steamed vegetables, smoothies, and fish.

Avoid brushing the area for 1 week following treatment. Use mouthwash twice a day after brushing the remainder of your teeth to help remove any bacteria.

Of course, Progressive Periodontics will provide you with a written copy of all pertinent post-operative instructions. You will also have access to an after-hours emergency number - just in case.

Pain and Discomfort

You may see some swelling following your extraction. Swelling is a natural part of the healing process, and is dependant on the nature and extent of your particular treatment.

Any discomfort you have should be controlled with proper pain medication, and should not be severe. Post operative discomfort will likely peak the second or third day following your treatment, and lessens from then on.

For further questions, consult your post operative booklet or give our staff a call at the office.


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