5 Reasons to Choose a Dental Implant

5 Reasons to Choose a Dental Implant Photo

When it comes to replacing a missing or broken tooth, patients have several options. However, a dental implant is considered to be the best replacement option available. A dental implant replaces the root portion of the tooth. A crown is placed on top of the implant to make it look and function like a natural tooth.

What Makes an Implant the Best Replacement Option?

1. Longest Lasting Option

Once they are placed, dental implants fuse with the bone -allowing them to function like a natural tooth root. When cared for properly, dental implants often last a lifetime. Alternative treatment options, such as dentures and bridges, often need to be replaced. This makes them a more costly option when compared to dental implants.

2. Easy to Care For

5 Reasons to choose a dental implant infographicBecause dental implants are so similar to natural teeth, they require very similar standards of care. You can brush and floss them, making your hygiene routine a breeze. While decay cannot effect your implant, periodontal disease can. Ensure that you continue to see your dentist for your regular cleanings and dental exams to help prevent gum disease.

3. Improved Appearance

Dental implants not only feel like natural teeth, they look like them too! Implants help to provide a natural smile – – the crown (or tooth portion) of the implant will blend right in with your natural teeth, restoring your confidence in your smile.

4. Best Functioning Replacement Option

Dental implants function just like your natural teeth. Following the placement of a dental implant, your quality of life will improve dramatically by giving you the ability to chew and function normally. Crunchy, hard, sticky, or chewy foods will be no match for your dental implant. All of these types of foods may be eaten normally, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods at a restaurant or at home.

5. Little to No Change in Your Speech

In most cases, your speech will not be altered. If you have a denture that is supported by dental implants, you will not have to worry about it slipping or moving around in your mouth, and there is no need to use any denture adhesive since the implants aid in keeping your denture stable.

Interested in a Dental Implant?

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5 reasons to choose a dental implant

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