Referring Doctors

Progressive PeriodonticsTigard, OR

At Progressive Periodontics in Tigard, Oregon, we are please to provide exceptional care to each and every one of our patients. We are grateful for the trust you instill in us as a practice when you refer. We gladly offer your patient the same, quality care that you provide them in your office.

How to Refer


Not sure what that is? Scroll down to learn more about the program, and how we’re using it to streamline communication with our referring doctors.


Download a blank referral form using  the button below and email or fax it to us. Please be sure to include any patient radiographs!

Referral Tips

1. Scheduling Your Patient

In order to best serve your patient, we suggest scheduling them with our office as they are finishing their visit with you. This creates a simple, worry free process for the patient and allows us to offer them the best appointment option.

2. Completing the referral form

The referral form is a helpful item for both Dr. Thanik and our team. It gives us the opportunity to properly prepare for your patient’s visit with us to ensure that we can offer them a thorough exam. We ask that you fill out all pertinent information on the referral form. If a question does not apply, feel free to skip it. We are grateful that you take the time out of your busy schedule to provide us with this helpful information.

3. Sending Over Patient information

We kindly request that you share any pertinent patient information with us prior to their scheduled visit. This includes the following: Patient Name, Date of Birth, Contact Information and Insurance Information. In addition to patient information, we also ask that you share the completed referral form and any radiographs. This ensures that we are adequately prepared to care for your patient.

You can send any digital information to our email address, If you have physical copies, feel free to fax them to us at 503.924.6507

What is LOOP?

We understand how important communication is – that’s why we have LOOP. Get instant updates on the patients you share with us. You can find everything from letters, images, and next appointment dates. Stay up to date on your patient’s progress with us and have the ability to get your questions answered instantly with the instant-messaging feature. The best part? It’s free for our referring dentists. Think of it as our gift to you.

Ready to get set up? Give us a call at the office! We’ll set up a time that works with your schedule to come to your office and show you the ropes. Don’t worry about blocking yourself out – you can easily continue to see patients during the training.