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Portland Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Portland

When it comes to achieving a natural-looking and healthy smile, dental implants can be the way to go for patients with missing teeth. Whether you're missing one tooth or several, dental implants can be customized to fit your specific needs and give you the look and feel you desire. 

Our staff at Progressive Periodontics, Implants and Laser Therapy, prioritizes the overall well-being of our patients by providing dental treatments that promote healthy gums, teeth, and a positive mindset. Our team is dedicated to delivering excellent care that not only enhances your appearance but also prioritizes your safety throughout the entire process. Trust us to help you attain the healthy and confident smile you deserve with our personalized dental implant services. 

Call today at (503) 966-3780 to schedule an appointment with our Portland team to learn more about dental implants.


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants can offer a permanent and effective solution that restores both the appearance and function of a person’s natural smile. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is implanted into the jawbone and a crown is placed in the area of the missing tooth. 

Unlike dentures, which can slip or move around during meals or conversations, dental implants become a part of your jaw and can feel like natural teeth. Plus, they prevent the jawbone from deteriorating over time, which is a common problem when teeth are lost. 

What Are Dental Implants Made Out Of?

Dental implants can be made from a variety of materials. At Progressive Periodontics, Implants and Laser Therapy, our facility offers high quality traditional titanium dental implants and Zirconia dental implants.

  • Titanium Implants – These are classic implants that have been used since the 1980’s. A number of implants are based on titanium implant systems due to the extensive research and development behind them. These strong implants are highly resistant to cracks and fractures, making them an excellent choice.
  • Zirconia Implants – For patients looking for a solution that's both strong and aesthetically pleasing, zirconia implants may be the right option. This type of implant is a ceramic material manufactured from zirconium dioxide. This white material is suitable for patients concerned about the visibility of grey titanium. In addition, this type of implant is also incredibly durable with high resistance to cracks and fractures. 

Why Consider a Dental Implant?

There are a variety of reasons to consider a dental implant. Here are some of the following:

  • Comfort: Unlike bridges or dentures, dental implants are merged with your bone and will not move while you eat or talk. 
  • Easy Maintenance: With dental implants, you can care for them the same as you would with your natural teeth. You will no longer have to worry about denture care or reapplying adhesives. 
  • Preventing jawbone loss: Dental implants are merged with your bone. Therefore, they keep your jawbone from deteriorating and help you avoid a sunken appearance around your mouth.
  • Permanence: While dentures and bridges need to be replaced every few years, dental implants are an investment that can last a lifetime if taken care of.

With a dental implant, you can enjoy a restored smile, improved overall dental health, and a newfound sense of confidence. Contact our facility today to learn if dental implants will be right for you.

How Painful Is Dental Implant Surgery?

The procedure should not be painful since the mouth will be numbed. As the numbness begins to wear off after the surgery, pain and discomfort can arise. While the pain can vary from patient to patient, in some cases it can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. 

For those who have undergone a single implant procedure, the resulting pain tends to be mild and manageable. However, those who have received multiple implants may experience a greater level of discomfort. Patients can expect to feel pain and tenderness for up to 10 days after the procedure, but the pain may also begin to resolve before that time. Our staff recognizes the concerns that can arise while considering dental implants and we can provide you with further information and guidance about the procedure. 

How Do I Take Care of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are taken care of just like natural teeth. Be sure to follow these steps:

  • Brush twice a day
  • Use a toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Utilize a small, interdental brush
  • Floss regularly
  • Avoid chewing or biting into hard foods

Dental implants can be a great option to replace missing teeth. Our team will work to make your process as smooth as possible so you can go back to eating and smiling beautifully again.

Call us at (503) 966-3780 or contact us online to learn more about our dental implant services in Portland.


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