Connection Between Gum Disease and COVID-19

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If you’ve ever been to the dentist, then you’ve probably heard how important it is to maintain healthy gums. Healthy gums decrease your odds of suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, dementia, and more. Because of the global pandemic, it is more necessary than ever to have healthy gums. In fact, healthy gums could mean the difference between surviving COVID-19 and having severe complications.

Of the 473,000 Americans and counting who have died from COVID-19, the medical researchers who have studied their cases have noticed a connection between gum disease and deaths. A staggering study published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology found that patients with gum disease were nine times more likely to die if they contract COVID-19. This finding is startling, but educating yourself on gum health is a strong step in the direction of prevention.

This is not the only piece of research that the medical field has conducted observing the link between gum disease and COVID-19. Another report in the Journal of the California Dental Association called “The Mouth COVID Connection (MCC)” shows that oral cavities are a source of transmission. Not only that, but periodontitis is linked to higher transmission as well.

The study also suggests that patients with unhealthy gums are at greater risk of producing dangerous levels of IL-6 protein, which has the potential to spread to their lungs. IL-6, also called interleukins, are hormone-like protein at the sites of inflammation in sicknesses like periodontal disease. If these proteins become abundant enough in the body, they can lead to respiratory issues, which are not pleasant to deal with alongside COVID-19.

Connection Between Oral Health and Lung Disease

Although the studies that link COVID-19 and gum disease are recent, our comprehension of the relationship between oral health and lung disease is tried and true. One example where we see this play out is through chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This disease is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Gum disease has been shown to exacerbate chronic inflammation in lung-related diseases like asthma and COPD. For this reason, gum disease places those who are already at high risk of developing COVID-19 complications at an even greater risk.

How Progressive Periodontics, Implants and Laser Therapy, Implants and Laser Therapy Can Help Treat and Prevent Complications of Gum Disease

To help keep our patients as healthy as possible in all areas of their lives, our team offers a unique blend of medical techniques that we can personalize to fit your needs. Our experienced team of periodontal experts has worked together for 15 years, and maintaining our patients’ oral health is our passion.

One quality that sets us apart from other oral healthcare providers is our diligence in studying the constantly evolving field of periodontics. If you are looking to get your gums in the best possible shape to lower your risk of complications from COVID-19, you will be in good hands with Progressive Periodontics, Implants and Laser Therapy, Implants and Laser Therapy. Not only do we offer top quality gum disease treatment, but we also offer laser periodontal surgery, dental extractions, dental implants, gum grafting, crown lengthening, Botox and Xeomin, and sedation dentistry to keep you comfortable.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, top notch gum health will be your sidekick in fighting complications of the virus. To learn more about we can keep your gums healthy, call us today at (503) 966-3780 or contact us online.

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